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Job Details

Technical Support Engineer

Product Operation Manager

Why Should You Apply For The Job


  1. Work in fast growing multi-national company with strong presence in Malaysia
  2. Great career exposure and development.
  3. Good remuneration

Job Description


Job Description

  1. Responsible for the operation of the Company l Legal Technology Platform products (including contract platform, online agreement platform, review platform, digital asset center, legal AI platform, etc.);
  2. Based on user needs insights, develop operational strategies and implement them to enhance product usage and activity;
  3. Based on the concept of data-driven operation and product usage data, establish an analysis framework and system from a business perspective, gain insight into business health, promote business efficiency improvement, and manage risks;
  4. Collect user feedback on product usage, drive product optimization, and continuously improve product experience and business process efficiency.




  1. Bachelor’s degree or above, with at least 5 years of product operation experience, familiar with legal technology products is preferred;
  2. Familiar with the user behavior analysis of platform products, able to discover user behavior patterns through data analysis and propose optimization suggestions;
  3. Possess good communication skills in both English and Chinese, and be able to fluently communicate and write documents in both Chinese and English;
  4. Possess strong learning and problem-solving abilities, and be able to adapt to fast-paced work environments.

About The Company


Our client is a world-renowned fintech company, a world-leading internet open platform with strong presence in APAC and the rest of the world.

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